Crayons to Perfume! free downloads

Michael V of 60s (mostly) Uncomped made a download of some earlier Crayons to Perfume! faves! Check it out!!

Purrr-fect Pussycats is the download that goes with episode 27 of Crayons to Perfume! We had an overload of cute kittens, so grab some more for your listening pleasure!

We also had beatnik babe overload for our 100th Show! So here's an extra heaping helping of bongo beatin' babes and jazzy jessies! featuring the scintillating sounds of:

Lorrie Collins: Another Man Done Gone

Lyn Avalon: I Walk The Streets

John Barry: Beat Girl

Stella: Beatnicks D'Occasion

The Chanters: Bongo Bongo

The Beats: Beatnik Bounce

Marilyn Ross: Out Of This World

Carolyn Carpenter: Black Coffee

Beverly Garland: Tempest in a Teapot

Juliette Greco: Chandernagor

Nancy Dupont: Weather Report Love

The Rebel Set

Eydie Gorme : Coffee Song (They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee in Brazil)

Ada Moore: The Devil Is A Woman

Michael V has created a 2nd double CD download of Crayons to Perfume! faves for you, and you can find it right here at his Mostly Uncomped blog along with some other girl comps and loads of great boy comps too!

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