Crayons to Perfume! Shows 2015

Show 23 STONES GIRLS! The girls sing the hits of the Rolling Stones, songs the Stones also did and a few girls who the Stones admired!

Show 24 features the Marvelettes, Natacha Snitkine, Miki Obata, France Gall girls who talk on the telephone, write letters, shout and whisper!!

Show 25 David Gates & His Girls - before making it with Bread, David Gates made it with the Ladies! Hear the best of David Gates girl group ladies including Suzy Wallis, Dorothy Berry and Margaret Mandolph!

Show 26 DJ's Choice! I play the ladies I love! With dance songs, pop-country, popcorn soul and more!

Show 27 Girl of the Week is Miss Kitty du Mont in our fantastic FELINES show! An hour of crazy kittens, and then a whole other hour of Purr-fect Pussycats HERE free, for you!

Show 28 Sweet on the Shirelles! Happy Valentines and lots of love from Les Gams, The Bouquets, Shirley Ellis, Rita and the Quests and all the girls!

Show 29 The Shangri-Las sing of Heartache & Heartbreak! Tortured teens! Lonliness...our girls are sad, and sometimes mad...and they get EVEN!

Show 30 The Pixies Three and all the Crayons girls, are hav

ing a PARTY! Dance the Slop under all those Party Lights at the party Across The Hall!!!

Show 31 Lori Burton of the Whyte Boots leads our Singers and Songwriters featuring Carole King, Ellie Greenwich, Barbara Lynn and Jackie DeShannon

Show 32 features a myriad of musical mavens in our Anything Goes Show! lotsa classics, a few Canadian Kittens, girls in the garage and girl groups!

Show 33 Girl Groups from around the world!

Show 34 Barbara English and the Fashions host the Crayons to Perfume! Spring Fashion Show! Hear the girls strut around in their high heels, stockings, bikinis & sunglasses, do their hair and put on their lipstick!

Show 35 Cover Girls Too! The show was cut a bit short by the stream, so this link has the show in it's entirety! Hear the girls cover the songs of others including both American and UK hits plus a selection of psychedelic sounds from Delphine, Les Intrigantes, Marcela Laiferova and Hanna & Atlantis! Todd-O-Phonic Todd said the girls were killin' it on this show! Check it out!

Show 36 Avengers Girls, movie stars, beauty queens, go go girls!!!

Show 37 SPRING! With the Jaynettes! - the girls sing of spring, you know: flowers, trees...birds & bees!

Show 38 Yes, No...maybe so? The Exciters and all the shook up, mixed up crazy girls sing of decision, indecision, and women's prerogative!

Show 39 Dream Girls! With our dreamiest girl Francoise Hardy and a host of sleepy eyed moony, moody dreamers.

Show 40 My Mama Said - our Mothers Day special dedicated to my mother in law, Marti! The girls sing of their mamas!

Show 41 Silly Songs with Ellie Greenwich! Dum Dum, la te tah, doo whaaaa... and all the silly girl group nonsense songs!

Show 42 Girl Group Gold with the Supremes and all the girl groups who hit #1 or had a gold record... Shirelles, Orlons, Dixie Cups, Angels, Crystals, Shangri-las... all of 'em!

Show 43 Matt M (Matt Clarke) Matt Below (a man of many aliases) brings his girl groups and folk rock ladies for a very special episode of Crayons to Perfume!

Show 44 Sweet on the Girls! We've got a bowlful of sugar pie honey bunches of girls for you!

Show 45 Summer! With Shelley Fabares! Swingin' and surfin' sweeties to start your summer off right!

Show 46 60's girls sing the 50's with Wanda Jackson, Asian gals, Italian gals, American gals....oh, heck. GALS GALS GALS!

Show 47 Dutch Beat Girls from the Neatherlands along with girl groups and solo girls!

Show 48 Canadian Cuties! Now you can celebrate Canada Day any day with an hour of Canadian girl groups, folkish pop girls, country garage girls... in both French and English!

Show 49 The light and dark side of Sunshine Pop and Flower Power Girls with the Honey Ltd, Shannons, Double Image, Spanky & Our Gang, Cotton Candy and much more!

Show 50 PATSY CLINGER of the Clinger Sisters and the Clingers is my special guest for an hour of interviews and music. Catch all of the story in Ugly Things Magazine #39

Show 51 Ladies Choice 2 - I play whatever I'm in the mood for!

Show 52 Bossa and Samba Girls - soft, swishy sounds for summer!

Show 53 Beatles Girls! Yeah, Yeah, We Love 'em All! Some you've heard and some you haven't!

Show 54 NANCY NANCY NANCY! Nancy Sinatra is the Girl of the Week...and the girls sing her songs!

Show 55 Double Trouble! the Girls and the guys behind them with Ike and Tina as our Girl (and guy) of the Week!

Show 56 Questions I Can't Answer... ye ye girl Evy leads the way as the girls ask all kinds of questions!

Show 57 Patty Duke is our girl of the Week as we hear the Girls of 60's TV!

Show 58 - there is no new show #58, a glitch in our server replayed show 58 this week.

Show 59 You can Count on the Girls! Marva Jones, Ariane and Jill Gibson start our show today as the girls hit it, from 1-10!

Show 60 Dance Craze Cuties! We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato too, Any old dance that you wanna do.... Let's Dance!

Show 61 Little Girls! Little Eva, Little Pattie, Little Jewel, Little Esther...

Show 62 Mr. Right! Good guys, handsome men, bad boys...they're all Mr. Right to the girls!

Show 63 Dj's Choice 3 - the show where I pick what I wanna play, and the only theme is GIRLS!

Show 64 there are LOADS of Halloween oriented girl group songs, and I play a bunch on this episode of Crayons to Perfume!

Show 65 BOYS!! girls from around the world: Canadian, UK, US, Germany & New Zealand sing about - BOYS!!!!

Show 66 The Voice of Experience everything from gospel to psychedelic freakouts tonight, including very early Tammi Terrell (before she was a Terrell) with Voice of Experience!

Show 67 Brian Phillips and Jason Stone the Stepfather of Soul of Rockin' Radio fame are my special guests on this episode of Crayons to Perfume! The guys spin their favorite female soul sides and talk about the history of the girls they love!

Show 68 The Sin-ti-lating sounds of Italian Cinema Sirens! oh, ah, lalala!

Show 69 Timi Yuro is our Girl Of The Week as the girls add insult to injury

Shows 70 & 71 Jon Von Zelowitz at WFMU Ichiban's Atomic Jukebox filled in for Crayons to Perfume! giving us a double whallop of Swingin' French Mademoiselles! Check out his two marvelous hours in the language of love!

Show 72 Vashti Bunyan is our Girl of the Week as the girls sing the songs of winter

Show 73 The Sham-ettes lead the way for an hour of ettes, the most common suffix of all the girl-groups!

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