Crayons to Perfume! Shows 2014

The earlier shows are not on the WFMU archive, but I've gathered them all here for you! Download and save most shows by using the MP3 choice.

Show 1 Miriam Linna, Tammy, The Beat Chicks, Two of Clubs, Les Surfs, Dee Dee Sharp, The Angeliques, Jenny Rock, Barry St. John & Shirley Matthews!

Show 2 Ernie Djohan plus breathy girls, twistin' sisters, and a whole lot more!

Show 3 The Chiffons, back to School serenade, garage girls, plus some soul and some popcorn!

Show 4 Sylvie Vartan, girls about boys, girls in 60's rock bands and soul

Show 5 The Apollas, dance craze cuties, popcorn princesses, soulful sisters!

Show 6 Coventry Fairchild of Clefs of Lavender Hill, folk-rock femmes and assorted garage girls!

Show 7 The Surf Bunnies and a one hour, all-girl SURFING SPECIAL! Featuring Annette, the Fashions, Dee Dee Sharp, The Orlons and a bevvy of bikinis!

Show 8 Rita Chao, Beatles Girls, soul and girl groups!

Show 9 Gigi & The Charmaines, solo girls, ye ye girls and powerhouse soul sisters!

Show 10 Cristina y los Stop and a full hour of Lovely rockin' Latin Ladies from Spain, Mexico, & Brazil!!

Show 11 The Unknown Girls of Arc Records Canada and other sound-a-like and discount girl records!

Show 12 Lets play the Name Game with Shirley Ellis and all sorts of groovy girls!!

Show 13 Features twins Mili y Pili, plus twins and sisters in girl groups and all-girl garage bands!

Show 14 Halloween Special with Janie Jones and other haunting honey's!

Show 15 Girls in Trouble! Featuring Linda Flavell Scott, Lada Edmund Jr (St. Edmund), the White Boots and so many more BAD GIRLS!

Show 16 is the Fabulous Femmes de Francais! with Christine Pilzer and her sister Violaine, Cleo - and many more French girls and French Canadian girls!

* * *

most of the following shows link directly to the WFMU archives, click the link that says "Popup Player" to listen!

* * *

Show 17 The Ladies Behind the Music featuring The Duchess, The Lady Bo, Jan Ashton (Errico), Honey Lantree and a host of garage girls who were strummin' mental!

Show 18 Opposites Attract featuring Chris Clark, the Shirelles, The Chiffons, Geanie Greer & The Word D, The Chicks, Mr Jet & The Cannibals and more!

Show 19: The Ladies of Rythm & Blues with KoKo Taylor, Little Ester, Mabel King, Lulu Reed and all the 60's female blues wailers you can handle!

Show 20 Girls In The Garage! Featuring Denise Kaufman, solo garage girls, all-girl bands, girls fronting garage bands and kick ass cream of the crop tuff chicks with guitars!!!!!

Show 21 Holiday Honeys girl-group Christmas with the Ronettes, Honey & The Bees, Michele Richard, The Supremes and all your favorite GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!

Show 22 Happy New Year from all the girls of Crayons To Perfume! Featuring the Sisters, Kelli & The Kittens, Gwynn Owen, Suzy Wallis, The Mirettes and as usual, many more!

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